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Hi, my name is Rosetta Wood and I was born and raised in a small Mushroom farming town in southeastern Pennsylvania.
I always wanted to go to college and have a business. I think it was because I watched and helped my mother with her small business adventure. She would sell food as a fundraiser for the church and schedule sight seeing bus trips to different states. My mother would make good money and I watched her get so many repeated customers, because of the way she interacted with people to build long term relationships. This was way before computers.
I remember my mother spending lots of time on the wall mounted rotary telephone persuading people why they should buy her food and go on one of her bus excursions.
At the age of twenty, I left this small town in southeastern Pennsylvania to attend a vocational school in northern Pennsylvania called the Job Corps. I really liked this school. I took business classes and did a lot of work as a volunteer assistance chief editor of the school newspaper and got promoted to the chief editor. I got to know a lot of the teachers on campus because I was always interviewing new people. Then I had an appointment to interview Mr. Shuman, the guidance counselor and understood what he did. I said to him I would like to go to college one day. My high school grades were good, so I got accepted into an all girl’s catholic college in 1971. I was there less than a year and realized that I was not college material, so I dropped out. Everyone kept telling me to go back and give it another try, but I was convinced that I was not going back. So I found a job working for an Insurance Agency then a Bank Teller. I was always able to find a job. Then I got the urge to go to a business school near the Bank where I was working.
In 1973 I found my prince and got married and was blessed with a daughter in1976 and moved to Tennessee. I took a job as a pre-school teacher and enrolled into a community college. I had my second child, a son, and my husband was then transferred to New Jersey and I enrolled into my fourth college. This was a four year college. Thank goodness all of my courses were transferable. I received my Bachelors of Science in Business Administration in 2003.
It took me thirty-two years to get my Bachelors degree. I made lots of mistakes by not getting my degree in four years from one college like most students, but I am thankful that I do have a degree because education is something no one can take from you.
While raising my children I developed a passion for children, so I took a job as a lead teacher in a private school teaching fourth grade. I loved teaching and learned the importance of good education. In 2008 I received my Graduate school level teaching certificate from the State of New Jersey. I received The Teacher of The Year Award from an organization that I volunteered for.
I know that my mother would be proud of me and that I followed her philosophy “Build a Healthy Relationship with People and Your Passion will follow”.
I have learned that being disciplined is a valuable tool since I was a private and public school teacher for twenty-five plus years. As a mother of two, it's never too early to start introducing your child to the joys of reading. Not only does reading open the doors to a lifetime of adventures, your child's word smarts will set her up for success in school. I enjoy educating people about the importance early childhood education and that every child’s path to greatness starts at home.
One thing that I am most excited about is that we have created the perfect learning tool. Your kids will enjoy learning using our colourful ABC playmats. Its interlocking puzzle pieces feature bright letters and numbers, and they can be manipulated to form stacking blocks. Suitable for babies and toddlers, the play mat promotes pattern awareness as your child develops.
I became interested in this project because I realized, through my years in teaching, the benefits of early reading and how it can boost the confidence of toddlers and children. I am very passionate about this and I want you to take part in my journey.
Owner of Rose's Best