Richard Cohen Interview

Richard Cohen, M.A. has proudly been an early childhood professional for thirty years.

For the last twenty years, Richard has traveled the world as a motivational speaker/instructor, facilitating fun, innovative, thought-provoking, interactive adult learning experiences for communities of early childhood teachers, administrators, caregivers and parents. Currently Richard is a full-time professor of Early Care and Learning at St. Louis Community College in Ferguson, Missouri.

Across his career, Richard has made many important contributions to the field of early childhood education and to young children, their families and the professionals who serve them.

In this episode, Richard shares his most precious experience with young children at a Thanksgiving gathering sitting at the children’s table. Talking to children at eye level is a fun and joyful way to communicate. Little did Richard realize that the eye level round table experience would be the beginning of his Early Childhood teaching career.

Richard shares his struggles before and after receiving his teaching degree and why he had to relocate to another state.

He talks about the important ways to teach the diverse learner and why the use of verbal learning is an asset to use in the classroom.

His views about play as a form motivation in the classroom are awesome.

This is a must listen to interview for new teachers to learn the value of building a long lasting relationship with parents.