Bob Sornson Interview

Welcome to another awesome Daily Spark Podcast.

Today we have Bob Sornson!

Bob Sornson, Ph.D. is the founder of the Early Learning Foundation. He is a best-selling author and international speaker, trainer, and consultant.

As a teacher and school administrator, Bob recognized the importance of early learning success in the development of patterns of learning success which affect students for life. In Northville, MI he developed a model which decreased the need for special education placement and saved millions of dollars each year for the district. After founding the Early Learning Foundation in 2001, he developed a comprehensive early learning success model which includes identifying essential skills in each of the domains of early childhood, systematically measuring progress towards competency, and giving each child the time and instruction to develop essential skills. – Early Learning Foundation

Bob, will be speaking with us today about self-regulation. He strongly believes that self-regulation is the most important characteristic necessary for school success.

In this interview he will answer the following questions:

Why is self-regulation important and how does it relate to approaches toward learning?

And how can we help infants and toddlers began to develop these important skills.

In this interview, Bob gives awesome advice on why children who are able to self-regulate can do things like handle strong emotions, tolerate frustration, control their impulses, follow rules and expectations, pay attention in the classroom and delay gratification.

Bob, shares why children who are able to regulate or manage their emotions and behavior do better in school and have an easier time getting along with peers.

Bob shares the ages that all learning for infants and toddlers happens within the content of their relationship with nurturing and responsive adults.

Bob shares how self-regulation helps a child to regulate himself and to manage his reaction to sensations inside and outside the body.