Story of Rosetta Wood

Hey everyone, I’m Rosetta, and I want to thank you for joining me for the very first episode of Paleo Magazine Podcast.

Podcasting has become my passion. The dailies that come with being married for forty-three years and a mother of two, I still fine the time to fill my passion of podcasting. I enjoy educating people about eating healthy to improve their health to have more energy and live a happy healthy long life. I have learned that being discipline is a valuable tool since I was a private and public school teacher for twenty-five plus years. I enjoy living on soil of the northeastern part of New Jersey. I enjoy the seasonal farm fresh fruits and vegetables that my local farmers make available for me. In my podcast I talked about being a longtime New Jersey-ian and the advantages of having access to whole natural foods and the benefits they give to the human body when eaten and cooked properly like our Paleolithic friends did.

This podcast will help you implement the paleo diet into your lifestyle. This podcast will education you about the ways you can incorporate whole natural food in your diet using healthy recipes that contain the best meats, vegetable, fruits, legumes to help you improve your overall health. The information that you learn from my podcast will encourage you to share this information with your family and friends. This podcast will teach you how the Paleolithic lifestyle way of eating is healthier than the Standard American Diet. The typical modern diet contains a lot of chemicals that the human body is not create to digest on a daily basics.

Every week, I will be interviewing the most exciting and inspiring people from the Paleo community. Each podcast interview will be captivating in a special way, as each paleo contributor will be telling their own personal story. A real life story of the steps that lead them to the Paleo way of eating. Each podcast story has its special emotional value that will help you understand the lifelong health benefits of the Paleo lifestyle. The podcast contributors’ share a lot of books that you can refer to that contain recipes, shopping list, tips and techniques to keep you motivated.

Early Childhood Development

Hi, my name is Rose Wood and I was born and raised in a small Mushroom farming town in southeastern Pennsylvania. While raising my children, I developed a passion for children, so I took a job as a lead teacher in a private school teaching fourth grade.

I loved teaching and learned the importance of good education. In 2008 I received my Graduate school level teaching certificate from the State of New Jersey. I received The Teacher of The Year Award from an organization that I volunteered for. I have learned that being disciplined is a valuable tool since I was a private and public school teacher for twenty-five plus years.

As a mother of two, it’s never too early to start introducing your child to the joys of reading. Not only does reading open the doors to a lifetime of adventures, your child’s word smarts will set her up for success in school. I enjoy educating people about the importance early childhood education and that every child’s path to greatness starts at home. I became interested in this project because I realized, through my years in teaching, the benefits of early reading and how it can boost the confidence of toddlers and children. I am very passionate about this and I want you to take part in my journey.