Valora Washington Interview

Hi this Rosetta from Daily Spark. Welcome to an another episode of Daily Spark!

Today on our show we have Valora Washington. She is the CEO of the Council for Professional Recognition. Throughout her career, Dr. Washington has co-created several institutions such as Michigan’s Children, a statewide advocacy group, the Early Childhood Funders Collaborative. She has been Co-Chair of the Massachusetts Governor’s School Readiness Commission, Board Chair for Voices for American’s Children, Secretary of NAEYC, Chair of the Black Caucus of the society for Research in Child Development, Co-Chair of the National Head Start Association Commission on 2010 and a member of numerous task forces and board including the Boston Children’s Museum and Wheelock College.

She will be an important part of the Early Education Leadership Conference held October 11,12,13,14. The Theme is Elevating the Voice of the Early Educator. The contact information is [email protected]. The telephone number is 202-265-9090.

Valora Washington will be sharing with us

  • The history of Child Development Association.
  • Why training and competency matters in an Early Childhood setting.

I wanted to interview Valora on our podcast because of her awesome background in the Early Childhood Education profession. Her professional knowledge, experience and research will be of great value to high school students that are considering to pursue a career in education.

Deborah Stewart Interview

Hi this is Rosetta Wood from the Daily Spark. Today on our show we have Deborah Stewart. Deborah Stewart graduated with honors with an associate degree in early childhood education, a bachelor degree in human services and management and a master degree in early childhood education. She is an avid believer in life-long learning and does. Her very best to practice this through ongoing education, research, and study.

Deborah has her own part time private preschool called “The Children’s Studio” located in a small town in Indiana. The studio is also her own private lab school. It is the classroom where she applies the skills and knowledge she has gained over the years as well as where she observes early learning in action. Deborah’s students range from ages three to five and come to her preschool two to three days a week. Deborah and her teaching staff observe the children as they play and learn and photography’s their learning in action to share with you on her Teach Preschool┬áblog.

Today on our show Deborah Stewart will share with you about her career as an early childhood educator. The vision she had for The Children’s Studio. How she started blogging about children while teaching. Her philosophy about getting children interested in learning by exploring her classroom.

Mike Huber Interview

Hi this Rosetta Wood from the Daily Spark. Today on our show we have Mike Huber.

Mike Huber has dedicated his career to serving children and their families. Supervisor of Autism Program, an early childhood teacher for twenty-five years. He worked as trainer and consultant, writes stories, music and puppet shows for children at Redleaf Lane, and has received a number of awards for his work. Mike lives and teaches in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Visit Mike’s website: Embracing Rough and Tumble Play and his books.

Today on our show Mike Huber will share with you about his struggles as an early learner and how it helped him to become a more productive teacher to help other students. The tools he uses to engage children to learn. How to handle war play and superhero play in the classroom. How he is handling his success right now.

Richard Cohen Interview

Richard Cohen, M.A. has proudly been an early childhood professional for thirty years.

For the last twenty years, Richard has traveled the world as a motivational speaker/instructor, facilitating fun, innovative, thought-provoking, interactive adult learning experiences for communities of early childhood teachers, administrators, caregivers and parents. Currently Richard is a full-time professor of Early Care and Learning at St. Louis Community College in Ferguson, Missouri.

Across his career, Richard has made many important contributions to the field of early childhood education and to young children, their families and the professionals who serve them.

In this episode, Richard shares his most precious experience with young children at a Thanksgiving gathering sitting at the children’s table. Talking to children at eye level is a fun and joyful way to communicate. Little did Richard realize that the eye level round table experience would be the beginning of his Early Childhood teaching career.

Richard shares his struggles before and after receiving his teaching degree and why he had to relocate to another state.

He talks about the important ways to teach the diverse learner and why the use of verbal learning is an asset to use in the classroom.

His views about play as a form motivation in the classroom are awesome.

This is a must listen to interview for new teachers to learn the value of building a long lasting relationship with parents.