Deborah Stewart Interview

Hi this is Rosetta Wood from the Daily Spark. Today on our show we have Deborah Stewart. Deborah Stewart graduated with honors with an associate degree in early childhood education, a bachelor degree in human services and management and a master degree in early childhood education. She is an avid believer in life-long learning and does. Her very best to practice this through ongoing education, research, and study.

Deborah has her own part time private preschool called “The Children’s Studio” located in a small town in Indiana. The studio is also her own private lab school. It is the classroom where she applies the skills and knowledge she has gained over the years as well as where she observes early learning in action. Deborah’s students range from ages three to five and come to her preschool two to three days a week. Deborah and her teaching staff observe the children as they play and learn and photography’s their learning in action to share with you on her Teach Preschool┬áblog.

Today on our show Deborah Stewart will share with you about her career as an early childhood educator. The vision she had for The Children’s Studio. How she started blogging about children while teaching. Her philosophy about getting children interested in learning by exploring her classroom.